Skin care and hair care has gone so prominent for various reasons in our life that we barely look into our feet. Looking at your feet right now? Planning to wear shoes and sneaker so that your ugly feet will not show up in front of others! Rather hiding it’s better to save your feet. Just take a relaxing pedicure. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend fortune to do a pedicure, following the below 8 simple steps you can have silky attractive feet at home.

Things Needed: A tub full of water, nail clippers, nail file, base coat, cuticle stick, nail buffer, scrubbing brush or pumice stone, polish color etc. You can also use bath salts, cuticle oil, and lotion and cuticle trimmer to get a better result.

Make sure all of your pedicure tools are clean and germ free. Use anti-bacterial or hot water to make your tools germ free. Using dirty tools can lead to serious health issues like skin infections.

1. Remove All the Traces of Nail Polish

The first step while giving you a pedicure is to remove any pre-existing nail polish. Use cotton balls and acetone free nail polish to remove every traces of nail polish from nails.

2. Start Soaking

Take a tub and fill it in with warm water. You can add some bath salts in it to make it more effective. If you don’t have any bath salt you can use table salt instead. Now put your feet inside the tub and sit back. Relax for 10 minutes. Soaking feet in warm water helpssoftening those tough calluses and remove any dirt and grime from feet.

3. Cut and File Your Nails

Use a high quality clipper to cut your toenails. You should trim your nails properly and make it short enough to see a bit of white part of your nails. Make the shape a little bit squared. You should also follow the natural top line of your toes. Now buff down the sharp edges using a nail filer. Carefully shape your nails. Try to avoid rounded shapes for toe nails.

4. Time to Prepare Cuticles

In order to prepare your cuticle you should use a cuticle stick. You can also use orange sticks instead. Gently push back the cuticles around your nails. If needed, cut the excess cuticle skin using cuticle trimmers.

5. Get Rid Of Those Sharp Edges

Take a buffing pad and file down the rough edges including ridges on the top of your nail. You should pay extra attention to the edges. Reach each of the toenails to smooth out the angle in the same direction using your buffing pad.

6. Soften It Up

Find a good quality pumice stone to scrub away the calluses from the ball of your foot. It is okay to scrub roughly on those areas as the skin is thicker there and also feels little to no pain while scrubbing. Remove all the dead skin properly. Give a soapy wash after scrubbing to remove every traces of dead skin.

7. Moisturize

Dry your feet and massage some lotion in circular motion. From step 1 to 7, during all these procedures, skin loses significant amount of moisture. So apply some moisturizer to keep your feet smooth and moisturized.

8. A Polishing Coat

Now apply a coat of your favorite nail polish. Start from the center to apply nail polish. Use a good quality nail brush to paint your toenails. Similarly carefully fill out on the rest of the nails.

Now wait for some minutes and let the polish to dry. You can use an extra coat of protective nail polish to keep your nail color stay longer.