Have you ever heard the tight relation between sugar and cancer? Does sugar feed cancer cells? Or even worse does sugar cause cancer? More and more research has shown that those statements are true. Sugar does feeds cancer cells, and in some cases sugar can also cause cancer.

More and more people are diagnosed with cancer today. There are many factors from outside and from inside our body that can lead to cancer. Food and even more specific sugar play the major roles in raising cancer cells. Unfortunately not many doctors tell their cancer patient to stop eating processed foods which full of sugar at least during the cancer treatment. As long as the patient keeps eating those unhealthy foods they will have difficult time fighting the disease.

Sugar Causes Cancer

It is important for cancer patient to know the relation between sugar and cancer. Sugar has important roles in many processes in our body. One important process is glycosylation, where sugar molecules are attached to proteins. Our body is built by proteins, and the way sugar affecting them plays a very significant role in our body health. One bad sugar molecule chain could result in cell mutation or malfunction.

Sugar Feeds Cancer

The 1931 Nobel laureate in medicine, German Otto Warburg, Ph.D., along with many other scientists has found that malignant tumors and cancer cells are using sugar for their fuels to grow. While healthy non-cancerous cells are using oxygen to break down sugar and turn them into energy to be used by our body, the malignant tumors and cancer cells do the opposite. They are using the fermentation of sugar to generate energy.

In a human study, why find out that sugar have can reduce the ability of your body to fight bacteria. In this study they are assessing healthy people for fasting glucose and measure the immune-cell ability to envelope and kills invader such as cancer cell. And eating just 100g of carbohydrate from glucose, sucrose or honey can decrease the capacity of those immune cells to fight significantly.

Sugar and Cancer

Sugar is very important thing to control when we are talking about health. If you control the glucose (sugar) in your body you can minimize the growth of those cancer cells. And if you can remove the sugar from your body you can starve the malignant tumors and cancer cells to die.

It is not too difficult to stay away from all those foods which are full of refined sugar like cakes, candies or cookies. Also, please be aware that many packaged foods contain a lot of refines sugar but they don’t show up in the labels. Products like cereals, whole wheat, low calorie items or healthy yoghurt can be full of sugar.

If you want to get rid of those sugars, or at least temporarily you have to go back to the nature. Stop or reduce eating packaged foods. Eat raw vegetables and other plant based and healthy animal based proteins.