The acid gastritis problems developed as a result of anxiety can be connected to all those symptoms go to communicate with the digestive system and, therefore, may interfere with a sense of swelling, heaviness and drowsiness after meals. As said before, you can limit the noise and try again with the well-being of small attentions.

The infusions and teas – drink too cold – can be of great help in this case: in fact, just drink 2 times a day before meals. In case you suffer from heartburn or acid, you can choose herbal tea with mint, aloe or licorice, powerful plant that goes into creating a small protective membrane to the gastric mucosa.

In the event that you experience a reduced intestinal activity, the gastritis, and you can proceed by choosing specific products to the case: for example, the fennel is perfect for purifying itself also eliminate the swelling. The dandelion, however, is perfect for people who suffer from slow digestion, sleep after a meal and a bit of constipation.

Turmeric, however, stands out as an anti-inflammatory and is therefore ideal in the case of abdominal bloating and feeling of heaviness. In addition to taking these herbs in the form of tea, you can also decide whether to opt for the mother tinctures, with 30 drops before lunch and dinner.

For those wishing to try the gemmotherapy to solve problems in the stomach, you can take the glycerine macerate Juniper or walnut, in the event that they occur often phenomena of fermentation in the stomach with air.

A powerful ally against the noise in question is a food supplement with lactic acid bacteria lysed and vitamin C. Of course, it will also be necessary to remove acidic foods – if you suffer from acidity – prefer whole grains that help and stimulate the intestines, have regularity in meals, sports, limit stress and do not eat fruits after meals.